by Megan Collier on July 12, 2010

I’ve started to offer a new service: Live Scrapbooking. How many times have you had an event or party where you take a lot of photos and then those pictures end up on your hard drive or in a box waiting to be put into an album? Granted, some people are dedicated to making sure their treasured moments go directly into a safe place. However, some of us are just short on time or just have no idea where to start and dive into the whole scrapbook process. Alternately, what do you do with a guest book after everyone has signed it at your event? My inspiration was a collection of multiple experiences and I came up with A-LIVE-SCRAP!This is a photo booth hybrid, where instead of strips, we are taking (4×6) photos and printing them to create a one-of-kind scrapbook of the event/party.Obviously the event is tailored to the taste of the recipient of the book. This client was male, very conservative and more on the plain side, as such we stuck with a very straight forward and simple design. This event was 4 hours and we scrapped over 45 pictures. In addition to the posed photos, I added some group shots and used the pictures from my center pieces to go into the last few pages.
Here are some examples of what we came up with:

This is a sample of one of the 20 pages I did on-site

Here is what my set-up looked like:

Wayne took pictures of people with the
props and the Birthday boy cutout:
(this was where I printed and scrapped)
Here are my center pieces –
the pictures went into the scrapbook at the end of the party

Also – I did this video as a bonus to the client – she asked that I record some video of the surprise!

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