Megan’s Story

photo by Marilyn Paige

It All Started With a Challenge

Create a 30-page scrapbook of reasons why everyone that knew and cared about her boyfriend thought he was great.

She sent an e-mail out and collected notes and photos from his friends and family. In one week, she used only supplies she had in her craft box (donated to her by her mom) and 36 hours to make the best Valentine’s Day Present ever.

Megan , also known as MC, started crafting at a very young age under the guidance of her mom, Tina.

In 2004 she was introduced to the art of paper crafts by her friend and co-worker Marilyn. But it wasn’t until 2009 that her real passion for creating one-of-a-kind cards and scrapbooks broke through.

Christmas of 2009, Megan received a gift from her parents; a Provocraft Cricut. Her ability to create and preserve memories for others was now revolutionized. The results were life changing and her crafting operation was born.

Her desire and passion for cutting, pasting and embellishing grows each day.

What’s EP all about?

Everlasting Present is a crafty corner of the web where Megan shares her creative inspiration, projects, and workshops with the world.  She infuses each of her projects + workshops with love, creativity and gratitude.  She is focused on building and providing you with group and self-paced workshops aimed at helping busy people find simple ways to document life’s most precious moments.

Each scrapbook, card and invite is designed with your vision in mind. Pricing varies based on the detail and scope of the project. Consultation services are also available on a per-hour basis.  You can learn more about scrap-for-hire here.

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